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nice dude

Reminds me of all the old school ng games of this style.


4 for the art, but everything else is terrible. If you fix the glitches it could be a decent little mini game, but with them it's just annoying and not fun at all. The hit box on Stamper is awful. You're going to hit the bees almost every time if your anywhere near them because it's off by quite a few pixels. When you clear a cactus you still lose health because there's also a large invisible hit box on his feet.

The cross that gives you health takes away half of your health a lot of the time. Sometimes it gives you no health at all. You win medals every game you play even if you unlocked them, which is extremely annoying. The game starts right when you click the mode you want, so it's very hard to get a good start when you click then have to move your hand down to the arrow keys in time before you run into a cross that takes away half of your health. A five second start would be a lot more convenient.

Just not a fun game at all even if the idea is kinda funny.

Kevin responds:

Coming from the man who is 1,000 times better than me at Flash.



A decent concept, but executed extremely poorly. What's good about this game? The forest background looked kinda nice I guess.

The combat is horrible. The stun time and recoil aren't seamless. Enemies often trap you in unbreakable loops of fast swipes The same three enemies the whole game is repetitive and boring.

The game is full of glitches. If you die on the last boss and quit to the title screen it starts fucking up and spawning the boss in the first level. If you beat the game and unlock the cheat menu then you can't receive any more medals. I went for the 50 kills medal and after 20 minutes of repetitive hack and slash I didn't get anything. It's impossible to get the "you got all of the medals" medal because of this. Even if this was fixed, getting all of those medals in a single session would be a big fuck you to everyone who did it before. The rewards are unbalanced. Money is useless. There's literally no reason for you to collect money except for the pass $20,000 medal.

Your extra character can't knock down the bridge so he's useless for a play through and you can't use him for medals because he doesn't appear until after you receive the cheat menu glitch. The same looping music was annoying. The secret areas weren't really special or signaling at all, just seemingly random areas that you jump up to. There's nothing explaining the medals. Is one life a single life or when you get to the continue screen? Can you use cheats? Can you use the other character?

If you fix up the bugs and add a preloader then this could be a pretty mediocre game, even though it still wouldn't be fun. Good luck.

Skribble-Style responds:

Sorry you didn't enjoy the game, dude. Cheers for the bug list though, was very helpful!

Also, I just checked to see if you can get medals after you've unlocked the cheats and you can. Just start a game like normal and don't use the cheats, it will still count.

Pretty good.

I don't see what's advanced about the tutorial. You didn't go over any techniques that aren't already covered by simple tutorials. Some of the stuff you mentioned like "tweening between different poses" didn't show how to do at all. Someone new to flash isn't going to know how to do it correctly.

Like others said the links aren't clickable. Besides that, it was pretty good. The background looked gross and it was pretty hypocritical that your background looked low quality when you talked about having high quality backgrounds. The voice was clear and it was pretty OK.

I'd like to see more tutorials with more info.

PaperBat responds:

Really? The Links arent clickable? I'll take a look at that, but last time i check they were!

Maybe something happend, thanks for the heads up.


I've never seen a flash game this beautiful and magical. I have no idea how this isn't #1 in the portal. The art and atmosphere are incredible. I can't even begin to wrap my head around how you made this. I would love to see the source code. Amazing work. No flaws.


Your graphics are nice! I was very impressed each time I went to a new area with the drawings and movement. I think you already know your platform engine is very buggy. I kept sinking into the floor and being hit when I wasn't touching anything. Perhaps if you teamed up with a skilled programmer you can do the graphics and he can teach you more about platforming! Nice start!

Super rad!

I'll start off with some bugs and general unpleasantness I found. When you place a building close to the menu and select it the white radius can block the menu. This can get annoying if you're in frantic panic. After I reload a new level there's no sound for when that particular balloon explodes. There's no help section, so a first time player might get raped pretty easy. Finally, the levels seem a little incontinent. Sometimes I can go from being hit with barely a scratch right down to no lives!

Besides those small pitnickings this is a wonderful game! Tower defense has always been one of my favorite genres since I fell in love with them on Warcraft III. This one was unique in its own way and was very enjoyable. Any game that can keep me playing for four hours straight is defiantly doing something right. I'm going to play the locked levels on your site now! Excellent job!

hey nice job!

Pretty solid game! You definalty have the skills to make a decent platformer, you just need some better art is all. I liked all your background stuff and a lot of your game was pretty funny. With out the humor the score would be a lot lower. Add more songs, some prettier graphics, and you'll make front page for sure!!!

Renandchi2 responds:

thanks! i know, the randomness even made me laugh! i loved the verizon wireless one the best


Was my reaction to every level. I made it to the last stage where I finally quit after trying over and over for at least two hours.

I commend you for making an extremely difficult and addicting game. It's not an easy accomplishment. Anyway, the spikes seemed just a little too sensitive. Not exactly pixel perfect. The loop got annoying, so thanks for letting me turn it off. Also, nice going on the save feature.

Good game, hope to play a sequal.

Simple fun.

I only made it to level 19, but I defiantly would be playing and probably will be playing more tomorrow. The auto save feature is really nice. Simple games like this show that core game dynamics can make a fun and addicting experience.

Hard levels made defeating them oh so much sweeter. I would recommend a bit more thought into the level placement. Some levels seemed way too easy to be in the higher tiers. Also add more music if possible, but if you want to keep the file size down then I guess you did the right thing by sticking to one simple loop.

I look forward to your future projects!

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