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That was funny as hell. I loved the Mencia jab because it was so unexpected and great. It kind of dragged on a bit at some parts, and was kind of short, but it was still really funny. I hope you submit another one.

Greatest flash ever created.

Beautiful, extravagant, marvelous, detailed, enchanting, involved, deep, interesting, not enough words to describe this visual and audio feast.

Extremely well done, great imagination and story structure. I don't think I've seen any story told that well. The music and the video says it all. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and many of your other works.

Tears were brought to my eyes in the final showdown between koopa and Mario, but our hero pulled through in the end. I loved, I cried, I even had a laugh or two. Great work; number one flash of all time.


The animation was repetitive and uninteresting with game sprites that you recycled through out the whole thing. It has unoriginal sound clips ripped from movies/song/TV shows with terrible compression that differed in volumes through out the whole thing. The lip syncing was the same up and down mouth for most sprites. Some scense were way too long with the same thing over and over. (Like Scene 11: Group X - Pyussycathe Ho).

I personally didn't enjoy this or find it to be funny, but maybe it's just me. Some suggestions: Edit all of your sound clips in a flash like this to make the volume the same on all of the clips you use. Try making your own clips, not just random songs or tv clips; orignal stuff is always funnier. Don't drag the scenes on for so long if it's just the same song with 2 guys doing the same thing consantly.

Good luck on your future flashes.

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nice dude

Reminds me of all the old school ng games of this style.


4 for the art, but everything else is terrible. If you fix the glitches it could be a decent little mini game, but with them it's just annoying and not fun at all. The hit box on Stamper is awful. You're going to hit the bees almost every time if your anywhere near them because it's off by quite a few pixels. When you clear a cactus you still lose health because there's also a large invisible hit box on his feet.

The cross that gives you health takes away half of your health a lot of the time. Sometimes it gives you no health at all. You win medals every game you play even if you unlocked them, which is extremely annoying. The game starts right when you click the mode you want, so it's very hard to get a good start when you click then have to move your hand down to the arrow keys in time before you run into a cross that takes away half of your health. A five second start would be a lot more convenient.

Just not a fun game at all even if the idea is kinda funny.

Kevin responds:

Coming from the man who is 1,000 times better than me at Flash.



A decent concept, but executed extremely poorly. What's good about this game? The forest background looked kinda nice I guess.

The combat is horrible. The stun time and recoil aren't seamless. Enemies often trap you in unbreakable loops of fast swipes The same three enemies the whole game is repetitive and boring.

The game is full of glitches. If you die on the last boss and quit to the title screen it starts fucking up and spawning the boss in the first level. If you beat the game and unlock the cheat menu then you can't receive any more medals. I went for the 50 kills medal and after 20 minutes of repetitive hack and slash I didn't get anything. It's impossible to get the "you got all of the medals" medal because of this. Even if this was fixed, getting all of those medals in a single session would be a big fuck you to everyone who did it before. The rewards are unbalanced. Money is useless. There's literally no reason for you to collect money except for the pass $20,000 medal.

Your extra character can't knock down the bridge so he's useless for a play through and you can't use him for medals because he doesn't appear until after you receive the cheat menu glitch. The same looping music was annoying. The secret areas weren't really special or signaling at all, just seemingly random areas that you jump up to. There's nothing explaining the medals. Is one life a single life or when you get to the continue screen? Can you use cheats? Can you use the other character?

If you fix up the bugs and add a preloader then this could be a pretty mediocre game, even though it still wouldn't be fun. Good luck.

Skribble-Style responds:

Sorry you didn't enjoy the game, dude. Cheers for the bug list though, was very helpful!

Also, I just checked to see if you can get medals after you've unlocked the cheats and you can. Just start a game like normal and don't use the cheats, it will still count.

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? what on earth ?

umm... maybe my headphones were malfuncing' on me or something, 'cause this was just... not right. and its not brit pop, that's for f'n sure.

MadCow responds:

Thanks for the review! :-)

Dear Mrs. MadCow

If the sexy fat man gives the kids wine and lets them watch cartoons. I think he is a nice man. Stop saying mean things about the nice man or I will get up, pace around for 30 seconds, and sit back down.

An engrossing experience.

He's here to entertain, and to interpret the memories of his childhood. As such, the music is a gentle stroll, like an idyll walk through the Rothaargebirge, the deep green mountain range adjacent to his hometown for which the Ferndorf is named.

MadCow responds:

Even though it was the hardest part, I really love the guitar on this track. It's one of my most complex and technical performances to date.

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