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Posted by life - December 29th, 2013

Wow! Congratulations life! Too bad life's life is shit now because he's in non stop pain due to fibromyalgia like diseases and other illnesses. But ten years on an internet web site, boy. Just wowza!! Here's to ten more years in broadcasting! > http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/214493 <  

Also here's my first post ever made here as a 13 year old child:633822_138830169121_Capture.png


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Posted by life - June 6th, 2009

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Stickya Adventurya "You must be cheating" walkthrough.


Note: You'll probably need to go through this tutorial multiple times before you start to get the hang of things. My high score was only 12 deaths; all from the final boss because I'm bad at it. You can not die almost the whole game if you want to stand a chance against him. Good luck if you're a sadistic bastard like me.


LEVEL 1) [EASY] Mash E at the door.

LEVEL 2) [EASY] Go right.

LEVEL 3) [EASY] Go right.


LEVEL 5) [EASY] The path to avoiding the spiked floors. You have to float fast. The pattern is Right > Left > Right.

LEVEL 6) [EASY] Use attack 1 four times to push the box and make a platform for you to jump to the door with.

LEVEL 7) [EASY] Jump to the snake when his head is furthest down and hold on by hitting E. Immediately after hitting E hit the jump button (up key) to land on the next platform and continue though the door.

LEVEL 8) [MEDIUM] Hit E at the large door to make a cut scene appear. This level takes practice. My method is stand at the first red door until the large door of the boss opens. When it opens immediately jump up to the platform. Right when the boss door shuts you need to jump and use attack one. The item he throws at you will bounce back to him. Jump back down to the starting spot and repeat five times until he's dead. This whole sequence needs to take place in less than two seconds. Practice the rhythm and you'll be able to pull it off without getting hit 90% of the time.

LEVEL 9) [EASY] Stay where you are, the chainsaw guy will not make it to your door. When he turns around hit the switch with the E button. Go through the door.

LEVEL 10) [MEDIUM] This level is easy after you know the pattern. Just make sure you jump before you move left or right or you'll disturb the ones next to you and have to do it again. The pattern is Jump to black > Jump to red> Jump to door.

LEVEL 11) [EASY] Stay where you are, the chainsaw guys will not make it to your door. When they turn around grab the guitar and use the number 2 key to kill them both. Go through the door. WARNING: READ LEVEL 12 BEFORE GOING THROUGH THE DOOR.

LEVEL 12) [MEDIUM] Immediately go right and grab the pick ups. Stand on top of the box and kill the first chain saw guy to come out with attack 2. Hop down to the right and wait for the next chainsaw guy to come out and kill him with attack 2. Quickly use attack 1 to push the box left. Jump up fast to the left and grab more power ups. Repeat this process until you have pushed the box at least four times. Make a jump for the door to the left by standing on the box. The key to this level is not to let the machine spawn more than 3 chain saw guys on the screen at once. Any more than this and you're gonna be losing lives trying to get the power ups. WARNING: READ LEVEL 13 BEFORE GOING THROUGH THE DOOR.

LEVEL 13) [HARD] You need to hold right as soon as the level starts. Jump over both of the spiked cookies while still holding right and hit E right when you get to the door or you'll be killed during the door opening animation. If you miss the jump and get hit than you're fucked and are probably going to lose a bunch of lives trying to jump over the seemingly random cookies. You have to do it on the first try.

LEVEL 14) [EASY] Use attack 1 on the food before the waiter delivers it. Go through the door.

LEVEL 15) [MEDIUM] The guitar battle with slash. Just hit all of the notes you can. I noticed you can play his notes when it's his turn sometimes and you'll still get score from it. After a few tries this will be very easy to you.

LEVEL 16) [MEDIUM] Drop down to the left when you have a clear shot for it. Press against the wall.When the little machine that says "go" hits the floor jump while still pressing against the wall. Hit the switches when you have a chance and kill five bad guys. It's easier if you keep doing it so there's only one or two guys on the screen at a time. After five jump over them and go into the door. This level is hard at first, but gets easy with practice.

LEVEL 17) [EASY] Jump to the snake using the same technique as level 7 and land on the platform. Pull the switch and jump back the same way you came. Drop down to the platform with the door carefully.

LEVEL 18) [HARD] Wait until the machine spawns all of the enemies. Stand inside the door so you're right against the edge almost poking out. When a chainsaw guy comes down jump and use attack 1. You'll be able to hit him and he won't be able to hit you. Takes a few tries to get the timing down. Be careful when refueling. When you get the timing down this level is easy. Go through the door.

LEVEL 19) [EASY] Run to the right and hit the 3 key on your keyboard right when you touch the skateboard. Go through the door.

LEVEL 20) [EASY] Just jump and let the trampoline make you hit your head on the platform above. After this part just continue to the door. The drug effect is easy to maneuver through.

LEVEL 21) [EASY] Grab the skateboard and hit the 3 key. Go through the door.

LEVEL 22) EASY] Go to the lever and mash the E key as hard as you can until all of the enemies are crushed. Lower yourself to the door.

LEVEL 23) [MEDIUM] Stay put until the countdown says 29. Jump down to the left and stand in the middle safely. When the walls are getting very close to you when the timer is at 5 you need to go slightly to the left so your poking out of the door just a little bit. When the timer hits 1 mash the E key as fast as you can. This level can be tricky.

LEVEL 24) [INSANE] This level is hell until you get the timing down. Even then it's hard not to mess up. There's a small opening you can stand at right after the 2nd green blob. From the spawn tap the right key gently so you are standing right next to the first black blob. Right when the first black blob touches the floor run and land yourself right in the small spot after the 2nd green blob. From this point wait until the 2nd black blob (2nd from the spawn) touches the little circle on the background. The instant it touches the background circle run and you'll just make it to the door. This will take practice.

LEVEL 25) [INSANE] I didn't find any flawless strategy for this level, I always lost at least five lives. I find if you stay to the left and run under the balls it's easier than floating in the middle. When it reaches zero take your time and just go with the flow. Abuse the jump key because it will save your ass many times.

LEVEL 26) [INSANE] There's no simple pattern here, you better hope you have at least 10 lives, because this fucker is gonna deplete them fast. Stand on either of the two platforms and wait until he goes into his floating slowly to you animation. When he's half a boss length's away use your key 2 attack. Sometimes you can quickly run to the left and avoid his counter attack, but usually not. After five hits of this he's down.

*****3/11/10 long due update***** Ok, after all the comments I realize that the last boss wasn't as difficult as I believed he was. Read the comments for a great alternative strategies.

Video of this guide by emptywindow:

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Stickya Adventurya "You must be cheating" walkthrough.

Posted by life - March 15th, 2009

Posted by life - January 12th, 2009

I've seen quite a few 'maids in my time, and I can tell you for a fact that when they reproduce, the female's chest splits open along a seam between her shell-shrouded breasts. At this point, she enters a deep trance-like state and sinks to the bottom, coming to rest gently upon a coral reef. A long tentacle-like appendage then extends from her chest cavity and waves in the tide, waiting for a suitable male to pass by.

When a male does pass by, the female's mating appendage snares him by the tale using a series of barbs along the tip of the tentacle. The male is then drawn towards the female's chest cavity. When he is near enough, the hormones released through the bleeding wounds on his tail tell the female whether or not he is in season. If he is in season, a secondary tentacle extends from the chest cavity and removes the sperm-sac from the male (these can be found behind what is commonly mistaken for ears: mermaids do not nurse and as such have no nipples; the nipple-spots are actually ear-spots.)

The sperm-sacs are then drawn back into the chest cavity and the male is held in place until he has bled to death and injected with a powerful venom into his body which dissolves his innards for easy consumption. The female does this in order to prolong her ability to remain in breeding stasis.

Once the female has successfully drawn a sperm-sac into her chest cavity, the seam closes and she is revived. A cluster of merfry have already begun growing within her. As they mature, they will consume her internal organs and eventually erupt through the weakened chest-seam, at which point they will consume the rest of her body. During the period immediately following their "birth," the merfry are extremely predacious and dangerous. When born, their arms are actually hooked, barbed appendages, not unlike the well-known praying mantis. Only as they mature do they develop attractive, human-like arms.

It is clear from the violent, predacious mating practices of these creatures why they have never been found washed upon the shore, or similar. While the maturation process occurs incredibly fast (chest-birth of merfry to maturity within two weeks) the life expectancy of your average mermaid/merman is a short two months.

edit: I hate this forum

Posted by life - December 2nd, 2008

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Posted by life - September 27th, 2008

Did you know that you can make a great homemade bird feeder out of a pine cone, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and string? I wouldn't know because I'm allergic to peanut butter and touching pine cones give me hives and I don't much care for sunflower seeds but it's the oldest family secret in my family!

Posted by life - July 27th, 2008

I've spent the last few weeks ordering parts to build a computer and after two days of headaches it's fully working and awesome!

Here's my parts list:

Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3L
CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
RAM - Corsair 4GB (2GBx2)
Video Card - GeForce 8800GS
Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar SE 320GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s
Optical Drive - Samsung 20X
Power Supply - Antec NeoPower 650 Blue 650W ATX12V / EPS12V
Case - Antec 900

It wasn't all that hard. If you are interested in saving a ton of money on a swell computer then consider building your own. It's a good experience. You can PM for help if you need some.

Here's one other (shitty) picture.

I built a computer

Posted by life - June 18th, 2008

She was far more than a ruler; she was something entirely different. She didn't rule, she had never used force or made use of her power. She never issued commands and she never judged anyone. She never interfered with anyone and never had to defend herself against any assailant; for no one would have thought of rebelling against her or of harming her in any way. In her eyes all her subjects were equal.

She was the center of all life and every creature, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, owed their existence to her existence. Without her nothing could have lived, any more than a persons body can live if it has lost its heart. All knew this to be so, though no one fully understood her secret.

Golden Eyed Commander of Wishes